Our Goal

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Other Words For Stuff was produced practically a year ago, under the name Secret Weapons with the objective to go competitive climber in several video games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty 4. Throughout those days, we had just a handful of members. As time went passed we captured wind of this game called Minecraft, with the abrupt boost of attention for Minecraft SW signed up with the enjoyable with their own personal server. Soon after, we chose to install a genuine public server with just 10 to 15 people on optimum. To our surprise our Minecraft server in fact got used. Due to our Minecraft server being used we got more associated with the game and ended up being a little time game server host, where around 10 people were constantly on our server. In the future, we broadened our server to a 30-man slot server and released ourselves on the Yogscast.


We were an instant hit with our anti-grief and consented PVP assistance in addition to our occasions, the server grew before we understood it. We reached a point where we might not supply the level of admin existence we desired on the server and began hiring admins. It's from this minute forward that SW Gaming was born. A neighborhood that came from around a great server with a great deal of anti-grief and enjoyable for all. Likewise, Other Words For Stuff has still got an interest into competitive gaming we are anticipating taking part in ranked video games in League of Legends.